Fast Food and Health

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Name Tutor Course Date Fast Food and Health Everyone is aware that a healthy diet is essential to maintain a healthy life. The best foods for our health are those rich in protein and contain little fat. When it comes to our health especially what we consume, we must be responsible for our actions. Eating foods with many calories causes obesity (Rossen 276). Foods, which are higher in fats and sugar, can also cause heavyweight. Foods from fast food restaurants are the major cause of obesity in Americans teenagers. This is because the fast food restaurants are cheap and are everywhere but unhealthy. The higher percentage of teenager’s obesity is caused by taking food from fast food restaurants. The only problem is who to be blamed for the overweight of the children because of daily consumption of food from fast food restaurant. The following paper describes how Zinczenko’s both agrees and disagrees with reference to the people to blame regarding fast food consumption and its effects. In the article, Zinczenko argues that it is not the consumer’s fault to get obesity from fast food, which I tend to disagree. Fast food restaurant does not make consumers fat; it is the consumers themselves that decide to take unbalanced diet hence they become fat. People eating fast food are always advised not to consume too much fast food, and they are aware of the risks of consuming such foods. However, they keep on consuming these foods in the restaurants around. Youths are more attracted to delicious meals form the fast food companies forgetting their negative results in their body. There is an alternative to preparing healthier and good meals from home, but people tend

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