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Name Professor Subject Date The Most Significant Challenge I Faced The most significant challenge I have faced in my life is overcoming the fear of public speaking. I realized I was a poor public speaker during class presentations in high school. Our tutors used to assign us projects, which we could work on and make presentations in class. Although I was a bright student and my performance in most subjects was excellent, I performed poorly in the presentations. I used to be terrified of standing in front the class. Just a mere thought of public speaking was enough to leave my body drenched in sweat. As could be expected, I failed in many projects in which we were required to make presentations. With my persistently poor grades, I knew I had to take quick steps to salvage my grades. I sought guidance from our school chaplain who assured me that I could overcome the fear through persistence and some efforts. I started to overcome this fear by speaking in small groups of about five people. Gradually, I increased the size of my audience, and before I knew it, I could make short speeches in class. Meanwhile, I attended several workshops where we were taught about how to improve public speaking, leadership and communication skills. After several years of practice, I was able to tackle my fear of public speaking. Through research, I have realized that I was introverted since my days in elementary school. While I do not fully understand what causes this personality trait, I am glad that I was able to overcome one of my greatest challenges. Today, I regularly speak in meetings, seminars, clubs and social events, and am confident that this will help me when I join

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