Family’s culture &traditions can be both a blessing and a curse

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Name: Professor’s name: Course name: Date: Family’s culture &traditions can be both a blessing and a curse Adolescence is a period of self-exploration and acceptance. At this stage, teenagers begin to examine their identities and their relationship with their families and peers. The decisions made during this stage are shaped and influenced by the realization of their identity. The young adult novel Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta unfolds the transformational journey of Josephine Alibrandi who is an adolescent whose origin and illegitimacy makes her overreact about every situation around her. Even though she struggles in the search for her identity, she achieves emancipation in the end which results in a positive outlook for her life. However, the better part of her life is highly influenced by her origin and culture. Her family’s culture and tradition is both a blessing and a curse in her life. As such, this paper seeks to analyze how Josephine’s family culture and traditions are a blessing and curse in shaping her life. In the novel, Marchetta provides us with an insight into the life of Josephine's family. Her family is disjointed, and there are several misunderstandings with regards to the beliefs and lifestyles of each and every member of her family. First, she despises her grandmother because of how she treats her mother. However, in the quest for her identity, she comes to learn more about her family and the cultures that shaped the attitude and beliefs of her mother and grandmother. Based on her origin and culture, she struggles with these complex relationships and cultural diversity. She struggles to find her identity in

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