Family Systems Theory: Video Assignment

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The writer discusses the video “Making Divorce Work: A Clinical Approach to the Binuclear Family” as authored as well as presented by Constance Ahrons (Ahrons, 2006). The video portrays the typical life situation of a therapist with his clients from the time of booking of an appointment to the first meeting and other subsequent meetings. It illustrates the hurdles that therapists must encounter as they try to work with patients such as patient’s refusal to come to the therapy with other family members and the refusal to share certain information. Further, the video illustrates how to deal with the families that have experienced divorce which affects the kids' lives (Ahrons, 2006). It also shows that for therapy to be complete and effective, the therapist must deal with all the members of the household even if it is only a single member who appears to be affected at that time. For example, the client in the video books an appointment for her son, Joshua, but the therapist (Dr. Ahrons) advice that the entire family should come for the first session including the divorced father (Ahrons, 2006). It demonstrates how to work through the therapy sessions with the binuclear family. Relevance to family systems The course, family systems theory, deals with among other issues the changing views, intervention practices, as well as objectives of family therapy. This video looks into how family therapy may be used to overcome negative consequences of divorce in families that may affect the children. Presenter’s Knowledge and expertise The presenter is Dr. Constance Ahrons (2006) who has a Ph.D. She has done research in the field of family systems and has expertise in this area

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