Family Planning in Buddhism

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Family Planning in Buddhism Each religion depicts different beliefs regarding contemporary issues in the society. Family planning and contraception, for instance, is a topic debated greatly due to the controversies revolving around the same. According to Buddhism, every person is entitled to act upon their decisions as long as they can handle the consequences. There are notable exceptions when attempting to explore the scope of contraception among Buddhists. In this paper, I will argue out the existence of numerous complexities while understanding family planning and contraception in Buddhism. In exploring the subject of family planning and contraception in Buddhism, it is necessary to understand the religion's perception of both sexuality and family. For a long time, Buddhism has been affiliated with tenets of abstinence. It is also important to understand the evolution of Buddhism as delineated by the Western nations. After most of these Westerners acquainted themselves with the religion, they managed to change people’s moral attitudes through sexual liberation. As sex is a primary factor for procreation, its understanding is important in enlightening individuals about contraception in Buddhism. Even if Buddha does not pay absolute attention to familial matters, individuals should strive to create life instead of engaging in abortive practices. 1It is not only religiously wrong but, it also demeans one's moral values. Buddhism, unlike Hinduism, reiterates the importance of procreation due to the advantages of childbirth. It is essential to understand family planning from different points of view so as to ascertain its meaning in Buddhism. Despite their beliefs on

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