FAMILY of Cultural Diversity ASSESMENT

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FAMILY of Cultural Diversity ASSESMENT The family I interviewed was an extended family. The family constitutes of grandparents, grand aunt, and uncle, uncles, aunts their children father, mother and a daughter. The family is a close knit group. The family owns a business where most of the family earns an income from. Despite having the business some members are employed elsewhere, for instance, one of the uncles is employed as a police officer CITATION Joy02 l 1033 (Joyce Newman Giger, 2002). Culturally the mother uncles, aunts, grandparents and grand aunt, and uncle are proud Greek-American. The father, however, is American. This shows the accommodative nature of the family and its ability to accept and adapt to changes. Despite the rigidity that the family at first had in accepting another person who is not of their ethnicity, the family accepted the father. Religiously they are catholic. Despite not making many attempts at actively participating in their faith they still profess the catholic faith. From a review of the family’s habits their faith is only practiced and seen to make much impact during some family functions such as weddings. Though not a religious backing, the family also observes traditional Greek beliefs and practices passed down through generations CITATION Joy02 l 1033 (Joyce Newman Giger, 2002). There is some semblance of economic stability within this family. All persons are employed and thus have an income to enable them to manage a certain degree of comfort in their lives. As seen from observation children in the family have to a good extent exemplary good education. The family also encourages financial independence by requiring and requesting

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