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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: “Describe and appraise the significance of two body changes that occur in males and two that occur in females during adolescence”. The changes that are experienced in males during the adolescence are the enlargement of the sexual organs and also the deepening of the voice. In females, however, the hips widen and the menstrual period starts to occur. “What are the four developmental tasks of adulthood?” The four major developmental tasks are divided as follows: Tasks in relation to the physical changes, the other tasks are in relation to the change in interest, the vocational adjustment, and lastly task related to the family life. “Describe how parents, grandparents, and other contribute to a healthy family”. The parents and grandparents result in a healthy family by bringing social health through communication. Emotional health, by supporting and nurturing one another. And also physical health by providing for one another.“What transitions do people in middle adulthood face?” The transitions that people experience in the middle adulthood include the crisis period. The crises are brought by the experienced anxiety, re-evaluation of the choices and other developmental changes. “Choose one developmental task of adolescence. Explain what steps you might take to accomplish this task”. One of the adolescence tasks is acceptance of the physical body and ensuring that it’s healthy. This task can be achieved by doing exercise and having good nutrition. “In some cultures, parents arrange the marriages of their children. How do you think this would work in today’s American society?” The culture

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