Family Analysis

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FAMILY ANALYSIS Name of Student Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Introduction A family is the basic unit of the society. If one member of the family falls ill, all the entire family is affected following that illness. Therefore, the concept of a family does not refer only to people who are biologically related but also includes people who play a significant role in individual’s life. In this wider context the family hence can include two or more people of the same or differing sexes staying together either sexually attached or not, families brought up by single parents, remarried families having both stepchildren and children, finally many other forms of families. All these types of families comprise of one thing in common, which is a profound sense of connection and kinship whether it’s biological or based on psychological. Interaction and health of a family In a family, there exists the social context where illness occurs. The communication among members of the family unit plays a greater deal of the members’ happiness and health. The functioning of a family also has a more significant influence on its member’s health as well as how those individuals will react to illnesses. It forms a social network from which a patient can derive the identity having strong psychological bonds, and in which each has got a particular role (Streiner, Norman, & Cairney, 2014). Despite, all that, not all families have the same approach to the illness of their members or have the same structure and style in the family setup. The health experts can, therefore, play a critical role in observing who the patient of the family talks to a lot, what are

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