Fall 2016 Service Learning & Leadership Convocation

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Fall 2016 Service Learning And Leadership Convocation Student’s name Institutional affiliation Psychology Professor’s name Date Abstract The speakers in “the fall 2016 service learning and leadership convocation” had an emphasis on various elements that hold direct interest among the participants. Service learning is one of the strategies used in the education curriculum and it requires students to participate in community work actively. The aim of this phase is to enrich the students with core values such as civic responsibilities as well as strengthening communities. The students will, therefore, be equipped with a learning experience and gain more abilities that form a foundation for leadership. This paper, therefore, addresses a reflection of the critical elements dealt with in the “Fall 2016 Service Learning And Leadership Convocation” by various speakers. It sends a thought of the child slavery in the community as addressed in this convocation with its effects. The impact created through the exercise of love as a virtue in the community and instances that facilitate personal growth and one's knowledge. Several adverse elements in the community such as oppression and poverty too will be analyzed. Finally, the paper will reflect on the elements which when acquired and practiced will terminate the social problems in the society. It will include the race, attitudes, and interconnections. Fall 2016 Service Learning And Leadership Convocation Child slavery is one of the key issues addressed by the speakers relating to service learning and leadership. They aimed at putting an end to constant mistreatment and oppression of children across the

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