Fake News in Politics

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The use of Fake News in Politics Student’s Name University/College The use of Fake News in Politics Abstract The emergence of fake news in politics is a matter of great concern not only to the developed nations but the entire world. As countries continue to experiencing the technological changes in the media, there is a likelihood of the rise of the fake news. From 2016, most of the nations will have their elections dominated by fabricated news which may deny them a chance of electing genuine leaders. The paper introduces the topic by revealing the critical areas that it intend to discuss. It majorly uses the 2016 presidential election of the United States between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to justify the reasons as to why fake news should not be used in politics. For a better understanding of the fake story in politics, the paper provides a detailed definition and history regarding the false news. It also discloses some of the producers of fake news and why they are engaged in the manufacturing of fabricated news; this assists in understanding the reasons behind the rise of this kind of news. Notably by discussing the negative impacts of fake news, the paper advocates for the disbandment of fake news in politics. It also points out a reason why there is no need to exterminate the use of fake news in politics; however, the paper is quick to counter such an argument. It concludes by providing a summary of the discussion. Introduction Prevalently, changes in the media technology have significantly impacted the democracy and future of the developed nation such as the United States of America. Initially, most of the news sources in this country were put

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