Faith Integration in Money Borrowing

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Faith integration is the relationship that exists between knowledge and faith, it is the application of faith in various discipline in an attempt to resolve conflicts. Since faith is based on Scriptures, it is crucial that we find out the truth on the topic from the scriptures. We will find out whether owing money places someone out of God’s will or it is just but a misconception. First and foremost, is borrowing money a sin? The scriptures do not state that it is sinful to owe money but they offer enormous warnings about the dangers of owing money. The scriptures do not say that one goes against God's will since there are cases where debt inevitable. For instance, medical emergencies, bankruptcy, and layoffs automatically place people under debt. With reference to Romans 13:18 it has been widely used to prove that owing a debt is a sin, but it is only concerned with relationships and not issues to do with money. There is nowhere in the scriptures where it is written that one should not use debt in the purchase of assets for appreciation or in accomplishing God-given economic goals. However, the Bible warns against borrowing. The scripture never states that God shall relief those who are heavily burdened as many Christians tend to think. They commonly refer to Philippians 4:19, which explain how God fulfills the needs of those who trust in him since he is full of grace and wealth. The cited promise is actually true but it does not mean that God will cross the consequences of excessive borrowing. Borrowing is not an expression of faith as it has been seen by many who claim that God uses a creditor to meet their needs. As a matter of fact, this is a denial of faith as it

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