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faithfulness. In the same story, other minor characters who benefited include Io's father since she caught back her daughter. In the story of Venus and Adonis, both Venus and Adonis suffered as one is killed by a boar despite the warnings although he is changed into a blooming flower while the other (Venus) loses Adonis. Atalanta and Hippomenes are transformed into lions due to their failure to honor Venus. Reference Riley, H. (2007). THE METAMORPHOSES. gutenberg. Retrieved 2 February 2018, from...

tree at the side of the road, and we only suffered minor injuries. We managed to get out of the wrecked jeep hoping to find assistance, but no one was there to help us. We could hear screams of people from half a mile away, but our vision was already obscured. We started walking away from the storm, and Alice was panting very heavily. The tornado was drawing closer because a whirlwind carrying all sorts of dirt was blowing past us. We could hear an abandoned dog barking a few meters away, and on walking closer, we saw a strange house which seemed spooky. We carelessly entered as we did not have much of choice. The door almost broken letting out a squeaking noise and then banged the door frame...

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