Factors explaining the Challenges in the College Education by Low-Income Students

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Getting access to the college is not a big problem for the low-income students. For example, Tough explains that Vanessa managed to realize her dream of studying at the University of Texas when she obtained the admission letter. The realization of her vision means that accessing the college education is not a big deal, but only the survival and experience after joining the institutions and graduating is where the issue exists. It is mentioned that “Five months later, Vanessa’s parents dropped her off at her dorm in Austin. She was nervous, a little intimidated by the size of the place, but she was also confident that she was finally where she was meant to be. People had warned her that U.T. was hard” (Tough 1). Besides, the first factor involves the parental income. The low-income students get it difficult to complete their college studies and graduate because they do not receive sufficient funds to support their education. As such, they encounter several challenges after joining the situations, which impact their school lives and performance in the class. After joining the precious colleges or universities, such as the University of Texas, completing the education is comparatively unlikely because money plays an important role in their learning programs. For instance, the lack of adequate funds means that the low-income students cannot obtain the relevant resources for their education including the purchasing the textbooks, support for faculty development, and other items required for their studies. The absences of the materials required for their studies frustrate these students, thereby attaining low grades and feel the difficulty in finishing their college

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