Factors affecting IQ’s development

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There are different types of studies which have been done in efforts to find out the human development of the brain. It is due to these many types of research that scientists have noticed that the IQ of someone can be affected by various elements. However, these research types have at one point or the other contradicted each other. The first research where the things affecting the IQ were tested involved the use of twins (Cardwell, Clark, & Meldrum, 2000). The results which were seen from the many types of research showed that genetics had significant impacts on the IQ of a person as compared to the environmental conditions. However, another research carried out by Segal showed a tiny correlation in the children's IQs. Dissimilarity in gender also has a significant impact in the IQ quotient between the two gender groups. Therefore, people of different a gender cannot have the same IQ. Factors affecting IQ’s development Despite the term intelligence having many definitions, it means the dissimilarities in the capability to get information, to reason and thinks well, and to sufficiently and successfully handle the environment (Cardwell, Clark, & Meldrum, 2000). Some intelligence aspects can be measured whereby they are tested by the tests responsible for measuring human intelligence. It is significant to note that only some aspects of intelligence can be measured by these tests. There even other claims which suggest that these tests do not measure intelligence level but only intellectual level. In this article, I am going to talk about the development of IQ in humans. While trying to test these developments in the human IQ, twins were used. There were those who

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