Facial Expressions

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Effects of Facial Expressions on Our Interpersonal Relations Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Communication aids almost all human activities. As a social being, man requires communication to carry out his daily activities. Moreover, communication can be grouped into verbal and nonverbal forms. Facial expressions constitute nonverbal forms of communication. Movement of the muscles beneath the skin aids nonverbal communication in some ways. As a form of communication, facial emotions can be expressed voluntarily and involuntarily. The voluntary acts conform to social actions while the involuntary activities appear inborn in nature. Notably, facial expressions are capable of aiding communication among the sign language users. The shared concepts of body emotions create some similarity between the sign language and facial expression. Besides, the use of facial expression is significant in business, especially sales because of the visual character and sensitivity of the customers. Even though facial expression aids communication, it has problems in expressing facts from different cultures due to lack of universality of concepts. Key Words: verbal, nonverbal, Sign language, involuntary, universality, voluntary, Effects of Facial Expressions on Our Interpersonal Relations Facial expression is one of the nonverbal forms of communication. According to studies, facial expression relies on the movement of muscles beneath the skin to convey information. Voluntary and involuntary are the two types of facial expression. Voluntary acts of facial expression are socially conducted while involuntary acts are innate and follow a subcortical route in the brain

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