Facebook Workplace App and Business Communication

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Facebook Workplace App and Business Communication Name Institution Facebook Workplace App and Business Communication Introduction Today, the surface provided by social media has transformed the globe by a massive storm that tends to revolutionize various aspect of our presence society. Currently, various activities are being conducted through the utilization of the social media be it communication, dating, and business just to mention a few (Phillips, 2007). Facebook is a major social media unit that serves a significant purpose in transforming the society. The creation of Facebook was done at Harvard University by an ordinary student who was studying a psychology course. The name of the student is Mark Zuckerberg (Phillips, 2007). Mark`s primary goal for establishing Facebook was based solemnly on social networking service. However, the business community happened to benefit from its services. This is because Facebook has gathered many clients from varying nations. Therefore, this characteristic has enabled various firms to expand their services globally through this readily available extensive advertisement platform (Miller, 2016). Body In order to strategically equipped and facilitate business people who are seeking Facebook services, they have established an app termed Facebook Workplace app. This system develops a link between various departmental communication applications of the firm to the workplace app that enables both the management and the staffs to share or obtain data about the firm`s operation. According to Sean Ryan who is the deputy president of Facebook platform partnership, the Facebook Workplace app can be useful in connecting staffs in

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