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EXTREMISM Extremism is the certainty in notions that are far from what most individuals consider right or rational. Actually, it also means motivating something to the point of being extreme. It is a controversial issue that has raised anxiety around the globe. Individuals and societies are concerned that the situation might get worse in the nearest future. Most aspects of society ranging from religion to urban settings are to a great extent getting affected by extremism. Apparently, governments have declared the matter an international disaster. Although plans are underway to handle the problem appropriately, its influence seems to spread tremendously. To get indulged in extremism people from a particular culture tend to opt for an aspect that is common in the society and eventually thrives on manipulating its purpose. In the long run, such individuals start developing a criterion whereby to be part of their faction; you need to start performing duties pertaining the aspect beyond normal circumstances. With time, the whole process becomes a custom in definite places in society, and the influence starts spreading immensely. Those who showcase prospects of refusal or opposition are considered outcasts. Nowadays, extremism has become so intense such that the perpetrators get involved in violence as a way of defending their traditions or enhancing its purpose. (Buckley, Schary, DeCaprio, RKO, and Hoover 2008) About the social identity theory, the behavior of an individual or groups can get examined by classification. The theory was proposed by Tajfel who claimed that the factions which individuals fit in were a crucial source of self-esteem and pride. They provided people

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