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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Post Comparison The two posts vary in lengths although the difference is minimal. Both are about a page and a quarter with Maseray’s standing at 359 words excluding the references used compared to mine at 386 words. Perhaps the difference stems from my willingness to restate the questions before answering them. The two authors adequately used illustrations to support their arguments, and both stated them in the last paragraph although I do think that my use of examples was better than Maseray’s. Kraft and Furlong was the principal text relied upon by the writers as the authors heavily drew illustrations from the book. The two posts were organized differently. Maseray’s comprises of two significant paragraphs, proper use of citations and referencing while my post took an entirely different approach that involved restating the questions before answering each on a separate section. I did not cite any works or reference them. An understanding of the texts can be seen from referring to them within the post. Kraft and Furlong (n.p) was the primary text that was quoted. The assignment was in sync with the syllabus as performing the task was part of the requirement. There was, therefore, no risk of straying from the curriculum. The instructor did not give samples but instead provided a proper guideline which we relied upon to write individual posts. Because of the length of each post, not much detail about the said topic could be provided. However, it was enough for anyone to comprehend the subject at hand. Only one of the posts used in-text citations and references, and this was done using the APA format

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