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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Historical development of Galveston and Houston Island Galveston and Houston are coastal City Island in the United States of Texas. The island covers a vast proportion of land with a population above 47,762 according to 2012 census estimate. Alonso Olivarez de Pineda explored the Galveston Island from the Florida peninsula to the Pánuco River surveying the geographical setting of the region. But the earliest known geographical analysis of the island and the bay was made by French explorer Bernard de La Harpe in 1721. Before exploration, Galveston Island was first occupied by some specific communities. The communities were later displaced following the interaction with the incoming visitors. After independence from Spanish rule, the Island became established by the Mexican Congress. Galveston-Houston Island was among the prominent ports in Texas that served as both military centers as well as capital City during the period of Revolution. The city of Galveston became prominent in the slave trade establishing itself as the largest slave market west of New Orleans where African-American slaves were being shipped to various regions of the world. According to the Census records from 1860, it showed that there was a population of 1178 slaves compared to 6000 free persons living in the city. The ratio of slaves, however, was comparatively less than the rest of Texas population.  As English-speaking Americans thronged came to the Island, they shipped many Africans and American slaves. The slaves were assigned to work domestically and others on the port services. Most of them worked with the riverboats. Later, Galveston became a

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