Explain the “rational actor model? What are the central assumptions of the model? Are they too rigid?

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International Relations Rational Actor Model Name:Date: Institutional Affiliations: Analysts often show common and predictable traits that reflect unrecognized assumptions about the type of puzzle and typical evidence that are relevant to given occurrences. Bunches of close assumptions constitute the core frames of reference. Where research in social sciences dictates we follow these ideal patterns, the specific field determines the level of outcomes. When dealing with international relations, the models must explain and analyze activities and events in details for the pattern to be considered valid. The rational actor model is one such pattern that is adopted. The rational actor model is a theory for modeling and understanding individual, social and economic behaviors. It is a central theory in international relations, sociology and political science all that deals with social connectivity. The model is based on the idea that when faced with multiple courses of action, we tend to do what will seemingly result in the best outcome (Holton, 1995). The rationality referred in the approach simply means the choice one makes to balance cost against benefits to achieve the maximum personal advantage. This comes as an envy of other fields’ principles of choice for human behavior. The model includes several assumptions. The first is individualism where individuals are always assumed to act as self-circulating, self-maximizing and self-interested rational beings. The second is optimality. This assumes that individuals do the best they can depending on the conditions present. The third assumption is the structures. It is asserted that norms and structures that determine a

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