Explain the motivation for settling the West

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Settlers in the West Name Institution Date ABSTRACT Americans clasp a particular icon in the West; an undefined concoction of trailblazers in covered wagons, industrious, sincere farmers and as well as the little house in Prairie. The Homestead Act of 1862 pulled together widespread interest in locating in the Western part of U.S. It made an appearance that anybody violating to work extra hard could add out a living on possession of property of their interest. Self-fashioned innovators streamed over the prairie's land tracks in an attempt to come up with their succession on the boundary. According to the practice of rule by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, the Homestead document was the greatest degree broad in scope land bill passed in the nineteenth century. Before the law, the federal government sold land to the highest bidder that the most populace could not afford to purchase. The Homestead Act determinedly moved land possession and improvement towards middle-American citizens. Settlers in the West The period of Reconstruction was the duration of Western growth and development. Issues that divided Americans motivated them to keep on track on the Western, others, had been Promised Land possession and commercial development during independence. The Homestead Act supplied them with free land to build up farms. For those who no resources to move their families, had the ambition to get employment in the industries to support them in providing for their families. For these individuals, the growth of industry provided jobs and the possibility of moving slightly higher in their living condition. Migrants from Europe also believed in establishing farms, as

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