Explain in detail how you can apply the management process to your life, even if you never become and actual manager in business.

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Name Course Tutor Date Reflective Journal Management is a crucial part of the human life, having every aspect of life under control is vital to having a better life. Having wanted to have this comfortable and well-planed life, I realized I could apply the management process in my life to achieve this. First I had to outline all the core elements of the management process and highlight how they could apply in my daily life routines. Therefore, I had to come up with a journal where I would write all these vital steps. I realized the management process has elements that could change my aspect to life and decision making. First, I decided to review my planning and decision making. I realized that to pan my life appropriately I had to deploy all my decision-making skills and come up with a plan that would make my life easier and organized. I found out that to have my decision well grounded; I had to stand firm with my decision and made sure that they were of good will. Secondly, I had to a leader. In every single element, I stood for I had to make sure that I was setting a good example. I had to sort of things I need around me and issues I could do without. As much as I could get advice from third parties, I knew that the final decision lies with me and that all that I stood for really expressed the type of person I am. This management skill help reduces the number of times I had to get into trouble for blindly following instructions. Thirdly, I had to understand the aspect of planning and delegation of roles and tasks. Even within myself, I had to set up a good plan on how I would complete my chores or milestones of the day while working with people whether as

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