Experiment 3

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Four Point Bending Student’s name Institutional affiliation Abstract Bending of beams refers to a situation which involves loading. A slim member which is subjected to loads which are traverse is known as a structural member which is undergoing bending. The loads which are traverse produce bending moment and shear at any given cross-sectional area in order to keep the beam in equilibrium. First yield criterion is one of the common principle which is normally used to establish the loading capacity of the beam. In essence, the principle stipulates that the beam attains the maximum load when the stress approaches the yield stress. However, for beams that sustain the static load, the first yield criterion rule does not apply. In this case, the use of the rule is disregarded unlike in other beams which do not have a static load. The main aim of the experiment is to relate strain quantities found from electrical and mechanical strain gage with the quantities in the theoretical strains. The experiment also tries to establish the neutral axis location of the cross section of the beam then compare it with the theoretical measurement which was predicted previously. Moreover, examining the validity in the assumption which was taken during the experiment that the cross sections would remain plane all through the experiment period is one of the factors to be determined. Along a similar line, comparing the deflections values obtained experimentally with the predicted deflections is one of the areas where the scope of the experiment will discuss. Introduction Beam Flexure is one of the common loading classes found in mechanical systems. The experiment in consideration

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