Experiment 25 Superposition

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Name Professor Course Date EXPERIMENT 25: THE PRINICIPLE OF SUPERPOSITION Discussion and Conclusion The aim of this experiment was to use the dc circuit in verifying the principles of superposition. The digital millimeter (DMM) was used to measure the voltage and current, and the results recorded in the tables. Also, the resistance of the resistors used in the experiment was measured using a calibrated ohmmeter and recorded. Use of a calibrated Ohmmeter was necessary since this would otherwise result into a false reading. In the experiment, it was very necessary to measure the current from the individual voltage sources VS1 and VS2, something that was achieved by short circuiting one source, as current from the other source is being read. After finding the total resistance of the circuit, the Ohms law (V = IR) was applied to calculate the resultant current, and this was done for the individual voltage sources, and the results tabulated. In order to find the total EMF, of the attached sources, the individual currents were added algebraically to the load under observation. From the experiment, it is observed that current from the individual voltage sources is equivalent to the sum of current in a branch of electrical components connected in parallel. When the values in the table are compared with the values generated from a computer, the observation is that there is a somewhat agreement between these values (of course the values cannot be exactly the same because of the errors that accompany manual experiments). The error sources may include: resistance of the connecting wires, or error due to the devices being used in the experiment. The error due to resistance

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