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Family Systems Theory: Experiential Exercise Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Family Systems Theory: Experiential Exercise Topic and Date In this experiential activity, I watched an online workshop from Institute of Family Therapy on the topic of children in adversity. This topic was presented by Dr. Eia Asen, Dr. Sue Whitcombe, and Simon Shattock on the 14th November 2016. Prof Arlene Vetere, Gerrilyn Smith, and Jocelyn Avigad made their presentation on 15th November 2016 (IFT, 2016). However, I only watched the event conducted on 14th November 2016 on the sub-topic of “kids intertwined in disagreement of post-divorce conflicts.” This sub-topic was handled by Dr. Asen, Dr. Whitcombe and Shattock (IFT, 2016). Summary of the Experience The workshop examined the systemic methods of engaging with kids who are in conditions that they lack control and that have deep effects on their growth as well as family living. The workshop started with a short presentation by the presenters then detailed presentations on the sub-topics by individual presenters. Dr. Eia presented on the inventive methods to help the outcome of residential disagreements in which dependent kids are drawn into the parents’ constant hostile relationship during the divorce (IFT, 2016). The presenter stated that the main objective of these approaches is to improve the family members’ capability to mentally control themselves and evaluate the parents’ or the kids’ capability to adjust. Dr. Whitcombe, on the other hand, examined missed chances for timely intervention and how to engage all family members in facilitating a kid’s relief from the psychic pressure of divorce and the

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