Existential Ethics

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Name Instructor Course Date Existential Ethics Life is absurd in some ways. There are situations that we face today that has originated from years of tribulation of our past relations. Thomason alleges that “it does not matter now that in a million years nothing we do will matter” (716). However, we have experienced far too many things that still count in our lives currently. These include philosophies and religious stands that were adopted in AD and are still being practiced today. They continue to define our moral livelihood and dictates what should be followed and not. What we do currently to convey the rationality of our lives may have to do with space and time, but will matter in future. What was done a million years ago can be justifiable in some ways but it is bound to our personal perceptions. Our ethicality has some origin in it. Although most of the ideologies that were highly regarded in the past could have grown out of liking today, they are still passed to generations and observed although indirectly. Whenever one finds themselves in an untenable situation, two things might have caused that. First, they could have ignored some million aged regulations that could have been employed to date. Secondly, they have adopted aspirations that are inflated pretensions separable from the normal living, and that only make absurdity inescapable. Although people are motivated by needs that present themselves presently, they always continue adhering to the general system as it has been in culture and ethics. Absurdity may have resulted because what we consider serious is something individual and insignificant. However, many of the people we emulate envisioned

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