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Executive Summary Report Name Institution affiliation Overview of the criminal profile of an offender The individual in question was involved in an unexpected terror attack at a place of work. He, alongside other masked suspects, walked into the meeting and fired at everyone. This report hence, figures out the situation and motive behind his acts seeing as the case in question is not straightforward. Terik seems composed, has no criminal record, and based on his presupposed love for America, his destination country, he seems incapable of being involved in such a terror case. What could have triggered this unusual behavior? Demographic summary of the individual Gender- he is a male child from a family of four Age- he is 36 Education- college level Marital status- engaged to Lori (a woman focused on martyrdom) Income level- Annual salary of $ 20,000 Nationality- A Pakistan emigrant of American nationality Family socio-economic status- middle class earners and he currently secured a white-collar job. Impact of biological factors on the individual He could have the genetic predisposition where he acquires such terrorism genes from his kin. Supposing that one or more of his relatives are terrorists, he could be such himself seeing, as we do not choose the genes that we inherit Developmental factors While growing up, he was always quiet and uninvolved seeing as he kept minimal friends and had no siblings. This introvert behavior could raise many questions as one could be harboring previous pains. Even his colleagues define him as quiet and awkward, meaning that his behavior was questionable and that his social skills were unaligned. Conclusively, lack of

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