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Name Professor Class 07 December 2016 Classic English Literature: Nineteen Eighty-four George Orwell’s novel depicts life, as it would be under totalitarianism. This version of totalitarianism government is one that rules with all-encompassing control of the populace. This type of rule controls what every person thinks, breathes, eats, lives, and works. The people are at the mercy of the ruling party. The ruling party controls everything. When people fail to comply, the result is torture, brainwashing, and death. Orwell’s masterpiece spotlights state abuse of power, especially in an age of unprecedented technological advance. His futuristic dystopia portrays to a nightmarish extent the consequences of unbridled political authority. The story of protagonist Winston Smith, Nineteen Eighty-Four inspires fear of a terrifying future for in mandating subservience and outlawing individuality; totalitarianism fundamentally challenges what it means to be human. These next paragraphs will detail this horror. The location is London but known as Oceania. It is a war-torn area, where the people of Oceania live in dilapidated buildings previously bombed by the war. The takeover of London by the group known as the Party, whose leader is Big Brother, who is always hearing and watching these humans through what Orwell calls a telescreen (4). Big Brother’s picture is splashed everywhere in the city, but no one has seen him in person. The people are living in horrible conditions. They are ill and starving. The Party controls everything. The oppression is complete. The people know resistance is pointless. They follow the path laid out for them. They have nothing and the Party

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