Examine the depiction of men and women in

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Depiction of Men and Women Modernity is the introduction of aspects that would ease the way things are carried out and perceived. Modernity has greatly been confused with the results that have come from technological change, the basis of this has been the invention of advanced devices which can be used for fast communication, task execution and many other things which attribute technological advancement. Modernity is though not limited to the perception of advancement in technology, it is incorporated by the change in the mindset of individuals on how they think, perceive and make of other abstract aspects (Joseph, N.p). The abstractness of aspects means they are ideas, which are intangible they, therefore, can’t be touched. The ideologies which are perceived modern are always based on its content and context. The content can be modified, but contextually, there are no changes. In this research article, there is an extensive overview on the modern perception of issues from the initial perception. The research objects at answering the question that exploits the way women and men are depicted in the book; “A Star Called Henry” as well as in the book named “Vendetta.” The two books were analyzed on their description of the relative interaction of social roles of men and women, and insight on to the political point of view of the whole aspect of men and women as depicted in the book. Case Study Character Description in Relation Gender Portrayal A Star Called Henry As a matter of first importance, Henry is driven by his longings to be recognized and adored. These yearnings, which depend on carelessness

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