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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Exam Question 6 I disagree with the author because this shows that we as human beings are ashamed of our weaknesses, which should not be the case. The process of choosing desirable traits in genes and trying to enhance the life expectancy of the unborn child is an act of searching for perfection which can never be attained. We already live in a world where people are greatly worried about their appearance, hence the rise in plastic surgeries. In the wake of these new developments, we are likely to witness more people chase after perfection while those who cannot afford designer babies are likely to be discriminated. Therefore, natural babies should be embraced. Question 9 Regarding “women in Combat” the primary issue that the author brings to our attention is whether women should continue being barred from serving in military combats. Question 10 The author concludes that the current policy that bars women from participating in combat must be changed for the country to benefit from enhanced reputation, better military services, and fewer male causalities. Question 11 First, the author believes that today’s women have what it takes to serve in military combats. An excerpt partly says “Today, women meet the military’s physical and mental standards.” In addition, the author says that women are ready to serve in the armed forces to fight for democracy and equality which is a necessary characteristic for any military officer and it is an attribute entrenched in the constitution. Secondly, the author argues that there is enough evidence that women have been successful in combats. For instance, an excerpt says

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