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New Media Technologies in UAE Name Institutional Affiliation New Media Technologies in UAE Introduction to Role of Technology in UAE Media Technology has played an instrumental role in the transformation of how the society interacts. The availability of free Wii-Fi, access to news content and entertainment amongst other sources of information have all played influential roles in the transformation of the media industry in the UAE. The UAE is a frontier in embracing technology to transform itself to become a digital economy. The prevalence of social media in the society has also played instrumental roles in converting how people have access to news and information throughout the world. However, traditions and laws guide media in the UAE. A direct form of contact based on the values of civility in the region has a substantial impact in the way the society interacts with technology. The main issues in the UAE media The citizens of the UAE are touted as the primary change agent of the media in the region. The principal aim of the role of the citizens in the growth of the media is that it has brought about significant transformations in the way the people utilize digital technology. Statistics indicate that up to 70% of the country’s population is in at least one popular social media platform. However, the media in the UAE relies on the laws and policies set by the government to deliver on their mandate. Firstly, the UAE has several laws and policies, which emphasize the importance of its mainstream media to preserve its culture. A significant content of UAE mainstream media is dependent on the country’s culture and religious beliefs (Wilson & Supa,

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