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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Exam 1 Describe the Conditions That both the Republicans and Democrats Agreed To In the Compromise/Deal Of 1877 The Democrats decided not to block the victory of Hayes on condition that their Republican counterparts agree to withdraw all the federal troops deployed in the south, in a move that would see the Democrats consolidate their Democratic control in the area. Compare and Contrast All of the Proposed Reconstruction Plans for the South There were three major reconstruction plans; Johnson, Lincoln, and the Radical Republicans. Among the three, Lincoln’s plan was sensible he wanted a quick and painless restructuring that would reincorporate the south back into the union. Johnson’s plan was similar to Lincoln but was ambiguous by including the right to pardon the same people he intended to exclude from power. The Radical Republicans sought to help the whites in the north. What Were Three Successes And Two Scandals Of The Grant Administrations? One of the scandals that rocked the Grant’s administration was the Emma Silver Mine swindle, involving the American ambassador to Britain, in which people benefited financially. Second is the indictment in the whisky ring where the president was intimately involved with a woman (Fairclough 155). Nevertheless, President Grant was able to facilitate the 15th amendment that made it possible for African Americans to vote, brought the Civil Rights Legislation that fought the Ku Klux Klan, and worked for the Indian’s Peace policy and even reformed the Western Indian agencies. Describe The Three Major Farmer’s Alliances Which Together Would Eventually Form the

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