evolution of the western culture

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The evolution of the Western culture Name Institution affiliation The progression The unprecedented fall of the French Napoleon rule that was dictatorial instituted the 19th century European power era. Russia, Great Britain, Germany, and Austria allied to form the quadruple alliance, which limited France’s borders thus minimizing its influence over the west. The post Napoleon time saw to the conservatism political ideal (by Clemens von Metternich) which dismissed the revolutionary span for offering too much power to the people. Later, the liberalism period saw to the successful conquests and revolutions that accelerated the independence of states like Greece, Belgium, and South America. This minimized cultural ties on leading dynasties thus posing a threat to their survival. The 1820’s introduced the republicanism that ‘sought to reinvigorate lower classes with universal enfranchisement and equity’ (Michigan, 1997, p.45). The Laissez Faire doctrine of leadership replaced overarching government bodies and abolished restrictions in enterprises. Nationalism era proceeded and encouraged national image change through the reverence of glorified figures like Charles Darwin and Shakespeare. By the 1860’s, countries like the US had embraced socialism which paved way for centralized oversight and positive identity. Countries relied on either the romanticism or the classism classification of culture where the former adopted emotional push while the latter comprehended industrialization. The impact of changing urban centre Economic Industrial workers Industrialization in the west encouraged tremendous improvements and shifts in the cities. For instance, New

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