Evolution of the Self-Portrait

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Evolution of the Self-Portrait The self-portrait or the depiction of the self through various forms of images has come a long way since the early 15th century to the present. When one compares how the self-images are taken in the current world and how they used to be made during the early stages, one cannot help but wonder how such a transformation came to be. However, a closer look at the evolution of the self-image and how it came to be what it is in the present not only answers that question but also shows how each stage of this evolution contributed to what the self-portrait is today. The following paragraph will explore some of the critical stages of the self-portrait evolution thus taking the reader through the gradual changes that occurred over time to create one of the most famous and influential ways of communication in the current world. One of the earliest stages of the self-portrait was the imperial era. During this juncture, self-portraits were mainly done by talented artists who were commissioned to paint portraits of their leaders. The portraits painted in this period could be described as painted to immortalize the imperial leader such as a king. The portraits served as a reminder to all about who they served and the power they wielded. These portraits were painted in a way that showed the imposing and unquestionable power of their leader who during the period was believed to be chosen by God himself. Also, it was expensive for one to commission an artist to paint a self-portrait of themselves during this time. As a result, self-portrait was not accessible to the masses and thus the few that could be seen by people were items of awe to those who saw them

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