Evolution of Nurse Educators

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Evolution of Nurse Educators Name Institution Haiku: “Health Care Reform. An unaffordable plan? A matter of choice”. “Health Care Reform” - Rationale The nursing curriculum keeps up with the pace of the healthcare. For this reason, nursing schools need to consider an innovative approach to clinical instruction. Seven years ago, one of the many nursing faculties changed the conventional sessional role of a clinical instructor into a “Nursing Practice Instructor role” to be able to facilitate in the integration between practice and theory in both off and on-campus settings. Globalization is a new phenomenon that has taken root in almost all aspect of the world dynamics today. Almost all aspects of our lives have been affected by this component. It is indeed an inevitable topic due to the way in which globalization continues to shape our lives (Salminen, Metsämäki, Numminen & Leino-Kilpi, 2013). Self-care is a principle in which nursing professionals and other health workers are empowered to concentrate on their own physical, mental and psychological health. The major interest for the nursing cadre over this topic is due to the close association between patients and nurses. The nature of the health profession has meant that health workers cater for diverse needs of patients to realize holistic care. This means that nurses will handle patient needs ranging from medical services to providing reassurance over their health. This holistic approach has meant that nursing professionals receive a great burden of patient care (Burnard, 2011). To some extent, it is arguable to state that the cons of the globalization tend to outweigh the pros. This essay

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