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Appraising Evidence in Nursing Practice: Key for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Name of the Student Professor’s Name Appraising Evidence in Nursing Practice: Key for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Introduction Nursing is a challenging profession as nurses have to ensure safe and quality healthcare under all circumstances. Safe and quality healthcare is essential for ensuring positive health outcomes in patients (Chambless & Hollon, 1998). Nurses have to extend the highest standards of care for ensuring quality care in their patients (Raines, 2008). Hence, nurses should be updated with evidence-based guidelines while extending healthcare interventions (Daly & Brater, 2000, Kelly et al., 2015). The specialty of nursing has witnessed radical transitions over the past two decades (Mariotto, 2010). The evidence is growing across all specialties of healthcare practice, and the field of nursing is no exception to such phenomenon (Ellrodt et al., 1997). Hence, different guidelines have endorsed the necessity for implementing evidence-based practice across clinical settings (Elstein, 2004). Evidence-based practice and evidence-based guidelines is beneficial for setting highest standards of care (Sackett etal., 1996, Peile, 2004). Different sets of evidence provide the opportunity for incorporating beneficial changes in healthcare management (Cooper, 2003). Hence, evidence-based practice helps to incorporate effective and safe healthcare approaches for ensuring positive health outcomes (Buysse & Wesley, 2006). However, most healthcare professionals rely upon their basic academic background for planning and extending healthcare

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