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Outline Introduction Thesis: The aim of this paper is to discuss the CARS checklist and use it to evaluate two sources regarding the marketing strategy for McDonald's. . Locate the sources In this section, the paper will address how books will be located from a search engine. Source 1 This section will analyze the first source according to the CARS checklist and state whether the source is credible, accurate, reasonable or supportive. Source 2 This section will evaluate the second source using the CARS checklist also to see whether it is reliable or not. Conclusion The conclusion section will focus on summarizing the main issues discussed. Introduction Internet sources need to be evaluated when someone is using them. The evaluation should be carried out either when getting personal information or when using these sources for research purposes. The CARS Checklist assists people to find sources that credible, accurate, reasonable and those that are supportive. This paper will provide information on how to evaluate two sources. These two sources will be about this topic: Marketing strategy for McDonald's. This essay will show how to locate sources and how to evaluate them. Locating sources The sources can be located on websites such as those from the university library. The books can also be found on the internet by searching them on Google or other search engines. Library databases are likely to have sources that are more reliable and accurate compared to internet sources. In my search, I typed the topic ‘Marketing strategy for McDonald's’. I used Google Scholar as the search engine so as to get

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