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Evaluation Argument Essay High school for most teenagers can be difficult or rather boring if there are activities or a purpose to keep them involved and busy. This is the prime age where students indulge in many life changing events and wrong doings in equal measure. But with proper balance and order, teens can organize themselves and enjoy a fruitful and satisfactory life (Fejgin, 96). My turning point in high school was joining the soccer team. I was just an ordinary high school kid doing what everyone does, which was boring for me because I am an enthusiastic and outgoing person. The idea of joining the soccer team was not a calculated decision but a trying out thing which came out as one of my best decisions so far. Participation in soccer and any competitive sport in school gives a student a sense of purpose and makes them relatively more responsible and disciplined. Participating in soccer has been an incredible experience for me in almost all aspects of life. Soccer has enhanced my social life because of my hard work my name is well known, and everyone wants to be acquainted with me. This status has taught me to be considerate and careful while making some decisions because of the scrutiny that will follow. Moderation is, therefore, a very critical lesson that helps keep my public picture positive (Fejgin, 95). Soccer molds an individual that appreciates teamwork, who is not selfish in his actions and always has the best interest of the team in front of his or her personal interest. This experience pushes a person to perform his or her part in a team and be accountable in case of failure in the specific role he is playing. This example is directly applicable in

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