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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Evaluating Another Student’s Paper Project 1: Sartre’s Existentialism First Quote of the Existentialism project: Quote: “Man is condemned to be free.” Interpretation and explanation: To me, this quote means that man is at liberty to do as he pleases as there are no restrictions either on religion or tradition that govern humans and they can cause and fix their problems. I found this quote especially interesting because it gives man total responsibility for his actions and gives him no room for excuses when he has to get consequences for his actions My perspective: I do agree with the ideas presented in this quote as they have it that human beings are responsible for the actions and the results of their decisions. It does not alienate persons from consequences because with freedom comes responsibility Second quote from the Existentialism project: Quote “We as human beings have no predestined future.” Interpretation and Explanation: To me, this quote means that human beings exist on earth with no particular purpose. Their existence is purely incidental as whoever created them did not give them a future or a mission to accomplish. I find this quote especially interesting because it tries to show that our existence is merely coincidental and we have no future. My perspective: I do not agree with the ideas of this quote as I believe otherwise. I believe in the existence of a higher being, God, who created us with a purpose on earth as the Bible holds that he has real plans for humanity (Jeremiah 29:11). Project 2: Carol Gilligan’s Feminist Ethics First Quote from the Carol Gilligan

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