Evaluate/analyze the 2016 Presidential campaign. focus on the nomination process. public opinion polling or the electoral college.

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: 9th November 2016 Analysis of the American 2016 Presidential Campaign Introduction The United States of America is a democratic nation with its election process occurring after every four years, usually on the first Tuesday of November of the election year. The election process usually begins with the primary elections which later move to the nomination convention (Cohen et al. 708; Weinschenk, Aaron and Costas 512). The nomination meeting is to identify the potential candidate and to unite the rest of the aspiring nominees and focus on one candidate chosen by the people in a democratic system (Weinschenk, Aaron and Costas 516). The democratic governance has been successfully implemented in the U.S government due to advance standards of the law. Therefore, this supports the scholarly ideology of Franklin Roosevelt that democracy requires wise choice that coincides with the majority of the people (. in Panagopoulos, Costas and Kyle 69). Therefore, safeguarding democracy, proper education will facilitate the wise decision of the majority considering the actual policies of the leaders. After the nomination process is done, the next phase further goes on and chooses the preferable vice president as the running mate. The preferred candidates thereafter, conduct campaign across the country to present their views and manifesto through series of public conventions (Weinschenk, Aaron and Costas 513). The presidential nomination primarily is to subject the national interest in one political platform. Thus, the nominees have the party ticket to set policies that will win the citizens of the United States of America. The U.S.

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