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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Ethical Capitalism Capitalism is a good system that has spurred development to unimaginable dimensions. Poverty reduction, personal achievements, doubling of the life expectancy, blooming of individual freedom and extraordinary achievements are all attributed to capitalism. Capitalism surpasses any other economic system in its efficiency and overall achievements. However, for every system to be fully efficient, it has to consider the ethical implications it has in the world. For a long time, capitalists have not considered the ethical effects of their actions. Therefore, while capitalism has primarily contributed to the generation of wealth it has also led to numerous negative effects that could be prevented if the system conformed to certain ethics parameters. The paper deduces the ethics of capitalism and how they should be applied in companies to ensure all-rounded efficiency for organizations. Modern Capitalism considers the interests of the owners of capital as the ultimate priority. All the other stakeholders of the business are secondary and thus it ends up neglecting their needs. For instance, in a mining company, the sole motivation is profit generation for the organization's owners. As a result, the company will end up paying the employees low wages to ensure it maximizes the profits. Further, the workers working conditions will remain deplorable and unsafe leading to human losses in accidents such as caving in of underground mines. The situation is similar for all the companies that are bent on pure capitalism and have no ethical considerations whatsoever. Capitalism has led to detrimental effects

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