Euthanasia: Right to Life vs Right to Die

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Euthanasia Name: Institution: Abstract The problem that will be addressed in this paper is the ethical dilemma that presents to the health care professionals in performing euthanasia. Euthanasia has brought about controversial debates all over the world. Euthanasia is commonly referred to as assisted death killing of a patient using lethal drug doses in the hospital performed by a certified health professional. The patient requests for the clinical process to be performed in a hospital or it can be done by passive euthanasia. It is mostly viewed as suicide by the public and considered illegal. The process may involve the introduction of lethal doses of particular drugs to cause death. This paper discusses the progress and challenges facing euthanasia acceptance in different countries and the effect on healthcare professionals in these countries. Also, the paper highlights some recommendation that may help solve the existing problems where euthanasia is illegal in order to harmonize its practice. Euthanasia Euthanasia is a practice done by a health professional that is considered assisted suicide where the health professionals actively or passively assist the patient to die. The passive euthanasia involves the removal or disconnection of patients from life support. The action of detachment does not help the patients recover or improve their health which implies that they would die a natural death. Active euthanasia involves the injection of lethal doses of drugs that would cause death to the patient (Gamliel, 2012). The patient can decide to perform the cation by themselves, or it can be done with the assistance of a health professional (Healey, 2013).

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