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ETHNICS Name Institution Duties of a Lawyer In a law firm or legal organization leaders ensure that all lawyers or employees should be conventional to the rules of professional conduct. The rules are necessitated to enhance efficiency and proper work ethics. They assist lawyers to develop and grow their careers with the urge to make an impact. For instance, a lawyer having authority over another lawyer and provides supervision to the individual has the responsibility of ensuring that the lawyer is conventional to the policies of professional conduct. According to Kirsch (2016), the rule is beneficial because it showcases general standards of responsibility for another member of staff in the same profession. Despite its impact, it is vital to comprehend that a lawyer does not have punitive accountability for the deed of a partner or assistant. Furthermore, in any firm a lawyer as an agent is supposed to be loyal to a client and also portray loyalty to the primary firm he or she works under. The rule helps develop a reliable positive relationship between the lawyer and his or her firm and the client involved. The relationship is only limited to the firm and client meaning that outside parties are bound to present complications. Ethical standards of law and the responsibility of a defense attorney Bender and Taylor (2016) state, in law, ethical standards are required for effectiveness. They are the principles and guidelines that a lawyer is supposed to adhere to for the purpose of meeting the standards necessary to thrive in the legal profession and they regulate and determine the way a lawyer carries out activities. In the law profession sometimes decisions have

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