Ethnic Immigrant Assimilation

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Assimilation is the process where people originating from different backgrounds regarding race and ethnicity mingle and interact freely without being limited by their race or ethnicity in a larger community (Hirschman, 399). The United States is multicultural with cultures from different parts of the world; the social mobility present is owed to the promise of better lives and the relative accommodative nature of its people. Assimilation has been seen to occur efficiently in the regions with many cultures and ethnicities due to the lack of a dominant community among the minority making it easy to fit in and integrate. For these communities to interact and build societies that are somewhat stable requires time, which may be even up to generations because rivalries and conflicts are always among the select few minorities. Immigrants in the US arrive annually; this means that cultural diversity will always be characteristic of the American society. The reasons for migrating their countries varies from looking for better lives and achieving the idolized American dream to evading tribal conflicts and wars. These reasons for emigration often determine the time it takes to assimilate and the level of assimilation within a period of time. Different proportions of integration can be analyzed to measure these distinct levels among them are, socioeconomic, the attitudes of the larger community towards the minority, intermarriages and residential seclusion (Hirschman, 402). The social aspect of the various minorities is usually of paramount concern regarding the rate of assimilation. The first step to the integration of communities is through contact which can be primary for

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