Ethnic Collectivities and Ethnic Categories

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Sociology Date Ethnic Collectivities and Ethnic Categories Ethnic similarities existent among diverse ethnic groups acts as a unifying factor for the groups. The ethnic groups may share ancestry, beliefs or kinship, qualifying their ethnic relationships in the society. Haitians and African American share similar ancestral links, though their migration into the USA occurred in different periods. The relations between the two ethnic groups bind the two into ethnic collectivities since the communities have a common ancestry. The USA and Canada have the largest number of African Americans and Haitians in the world. Sociologists intimate that different social lifestyles existent in various nations across the globe have created distinct collective identities. The identities are influenced by traits or experiences witnessed by the distinct social group. The diversity of cultural values and norms adopted by different groups enumerates how ethnic communities sharing similar ancestry adopt different beliefs based on their individual choices. The ethnic groups preserve their distinct cultures through oral traditions, resulting in ethnic collectivity. However, the different characteristics are interpreted differently by the different ethnic groups. Scholars believe that internal factors influence and shape ethnic collectivity in the society. Individuals within a group are exposed to internally accepted norms that influence their lifestyles in the society. Haitians were forced to migrate after the dictatorial regime of President Duvalier took office while African Americans were mostly brought into the USA during the slave trade. The

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