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Medical ethics mandate that all the necessary precautions must be taken to prevent infections and spread of diseases. Graceland hospital should invest in the equipment suggested by the new law so as to minimize chances of infection. Professional ethics also dictate that an individual should conduct their operations in adherence to the law of practice their jurisdictive area and for the benefit of the organization. Although Thompson believes that it is an unnecessary cost to have the equipment bought, the management must act per the law which will cost the facility a sizeable initial investment cost but spare it of future lawsuits. Managerial ethics poses the largest challenge because Prestwood has to find a way of unifying the team. With the current circumstances, it may be easier to ignore Thompson's opinion, but this may result to more dissent in the Infection Control department which is directly affected by the change. Finally, social responsibility means that the hospital must do all it can to provide the best services, chief of which is disease prevention and therefore it should implement the new law. Question two Possible ethical questions are: Is there any conflict of interests in any participants’ decision to either oppose or support the implementation of the program? Is the facility capable of implementing the law while maintaining a balance between the profits and quality care for the community? Question three Possible ethical questions are: Are there any structural barriers that hinder equal access to healthcare by all the races? Is there adequate education give to the staff regarding the existence of disparities and the possibility of minimizing them? Are

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