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Date: 6 February 2018 To: Ethics Office of Friendly Digits From: Trevor J. Langford Subject: Embellished Resume of Ms. Tara King Executive Summary Recent information has come to the attention of the board that Ms. Tara King potentially mislead the company inn her application to Friendly Digits. Ernst Blofeld recently discovered that Ms. King does not hold the Master’s degree as stated in her initial hiring. Consequently, this recent discovery instigates an interesting dilemma to the Colossal Corporation, particularly on how to morally and legally handle Ms. King’s situation. Ultimately, it is our recommendation that a developmental action, regarding her recent promotion, be taken to address the situation and show our employees the care we have for them in addition to addressing the wrong doing emanating from Ms. King’s falsification of her credentials in the early stages of her employment. Ethics and Legality To come to this conclusion as the best approach, we utilize the Badaracco’s Right vs. Right framework. In this ethical approach, we look at four questions and utilize these to come to the best moral decision to make. Furthermore, this framework allows us to consider the rights people inherently should have, the morality of the company, the outcome for the most parties possible, and a decision that will work in our company morals/framework and maintain as a precedent for future situations to come. The first question to address is the outcomes that all decisions would face. The potential termination of employment would hurt the company, be negatively viewed on by her peers and upper management, and would greatly hurt her personal life and career.

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