Ethics in the workplace

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Ethics in the workplace Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find some individuals using disrespectful and obscene words at the workplace. Others resort to vulgar language when they get mad or even to sound humorous. However, according to a recent 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, Title VII prohibits such behavior in the workplace. In the case, Reeves v. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc, the court of appeal also held that general discrimination against women including the use of pornography and dirty words at the workplace amount to sexual harassment even when such behavior doesn’t target any specific lady. In the case mentioned above, Reeves, the plaintiff, used to work at CHRW before she resigned in 2004 citing unfavorable work environment. Consequently, Reeves sued CHRW in the year 2006 for sexual harassment. The claims sheet read that her male workmates used vulgar words and also tuned into a radio station that used sexually inappropriate language. Reeves testified that initially she was comfortable with the use of some of the vulgar words but got upset when the use of the vulgar words was excessive. At times she sent an email to some of the male workmates, bringing to their attention that she had no issue with “normal cursing,” but she could not stand the use of sexually abusive language. Sometimes she wrote some of the “dirty” words in her notebook or sent herself an email. She also testified that this behavior happened on a daily basis, which was disturbing. Additionally, she testified that her male counterparts used the offensive words even while on the phone and they used the words without caring who was around in the office. The testimonial continued

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