Ethics in Research

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Ethics in Research Conducting an unbiased but comprehensive research is a complex task that requires an intricate application of wit, objectivity, and dedication. This is particularly true when research involves human subjects. Unethical practices can lead to legal, political and socioeconomic challenges. Despite the fact that ethical values may vary from individual to individual, there is a common consensus on the appropriate code of conduct, especially in the academic sphere. My aim is to conduct credible research through maximum application of honesty, confidentiality, transparency, proper scientific principles, and thoroughness in work. (Resnik 1) Since my research is oriented to the defense sector, it encompasses more complex challenges than regular research. Understanding the dynamics of current operations and proposed changes could involve uncovering information that is concerned with the security of the state. Being an insider, it is also possible to become subjective and draw a conclusion from pre-existent presumptions instead of conducting research. (Resnik 1) It is also possible to use privileged information that may have been gathered previously without hierarchical authority. The fundamental ethical questions for my research, therefore, involve the use of proper channels to collect information together with respect and confidentiality to sensitive material. To overcome the challenges, I will have to approach the research as an outsider. This means that all appointments will be scheduled formally and all the information that is gathered will be recorded and analyzed without prejudice from previous knowledge. (Walton 1) Although prior experience will be

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