ethics in healthcare

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Ethics in Healthcare Student’s name Institution affiliation Abstract Healthcare is a vital sector of the economy with society’s well-being being its priority. The sector faces many situations that can be termed to be dilemmatic to the healthcare providers. There are many issues surrounding moral, legal and ethical considerations inculcate in the society. Handling clients can be challenging when delivering services and working within the latter boundaries. Although the task vested to the healthcare providers is hard, they ought to apply critical thinking in their interactions with the clients. They take up the challenge through offering the best guidance which makes the clients satisfied with the services they are given. Such situations tend to raise the alarm on the role of ethics in the sector. Health professions are called to perform ethically in their duties through principles such as utilitarianism. Such a principle assists them to overcome the dilemmas they face. The paper focuses on the ethical measures in the healthcare sector as well as the procedures taken in cases considered dilemmatic. Keywords: Healthcare, ethical issues, healthcare providers Ethics in Healthcare Aita, M., & Richer, M. C. (2013). Essentials of research ethics for healthcare professionals. Nursing & health sciences, 7(2), 119-125. Research has been conducted to validate the models that adjudicate for ethical considerations in the healthcare sector. In the course of drastic efforts to verify which are the standard positions that healthcare providers should take when researching with human subjects. In this research, a study is conducted in a university thus raising

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